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Struggling with Plantar Warts? Grand Rapids Podiatry has the answer. Introducing Swift Microwave Therapy for Plantar Wart Treatment. Learn more and contact us for a consultation today.

Welcome to Grand Rapids Podiatry

Since 1986, Dr. Solon and his staff have been dedicated to providing the highest quality preventative, medical, biomechanical and surgical care of the foot, ankle and lower leg in West Michigan. Our office is conveniently located on Burton Street in Grand Rapids, across from Breton Village Mall. For out-of- town patients the office is 10 minutes from both the I-96 and 131 expressways.

Dr. Solon has extensive training and experience in the treatment of both common as well as complex conditions and disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremities. Your condition can be quickly and efficiently diagnosed with use of our in-office digital radiography, diagnostic ultrasound, Mini-C Arm imaging and noninvasive vascular testing. Dr. Solon will take the time to listen to you and will use your physical examination, appropriate diagnostic testing, and your medical history to provide you with carefully considered treatment recommendations for your condition or the condition of your family members.

Dr. Solon is very pleased to be able to now offer state of the art MLS laser therapy for musculoskeletal conditions of the lower extremity and Q-Clear laser treatment for fungal nail infections of the feet and hands. Please reference the Patient Library: Foot Problems > Nail Problems or Services: Nail Conditions for additional information on laser fungal treatment of fungal nail infections. Dr. Solon has recently become an Atlas Certified Center for correction of conditions related to the misalignment of the feet that cause individuals to have flattening of the feet, over-pronation and many other uncomfortable problems.

Dr. Solon believes that an important part of your treatment is for you to have a good understanding of what is causing your problem and discomfort. You can expect that Dr. Solon will spend the time needed with you to explain what your diagnosis is and why you have your problem, all in terms that you will be able to easily understand. Our goal is to provide you with care and service that is difficult to find elsewhere, we want your experience at our office to be exceptional in all aspects.