Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy Pain Treatment:

foot pain  It is with great pride that we are pleased to be able to offer the first Center of this type for the treatment of the pain and disability associated with Peripheral Neuropathy in Grand Rapids. After extensive research and evaluation of clinics across the country that have been successfully providing similar treatment for this type of pain, we have decided to bring this safe and effective treatment option to Grand Rapids for the benefit of our patients.

What is It:
The treatment is called Electronic Signal Therapy (EST). This treatment involves the use of a very sophisticated medical device that is similar to and uses the principles of physics that are used in a TENS unit that delivers an electronic, biological waveform/frequency that is used to heal the nerves that carry the pain signals, the muscles and other soft tissues which are the source of the pain frequently associated with peripheral neuropathy. EST can bring about a potent analgesic pain relieving effect by calming down nerve pain (neuropathy/neuralgia) directly. This is accomplished by selectively placing surface electrodes on the skin and introducing a very specific electronic impulse to cause interruption in the abnormal nerve signal that causes the neuropathic pain. Long-term relief is also accomplished by stimulating the body's own chemical messages within the cells to correct or normalize nerve and other soft tissue cell function. EST also stimulates the immune system, in contrast to steroid medications which suppress the immune system. As individuals improve they are able to be more involved in exercise, control their daily blood sugars better, lose and maintain weight loss; all of which help to improve the overall quality of life. Electronic Signal Therapy benefits include:

  • Increases cellular growth
  • Increases Metabolic Activity: energizes the cells
  • Reduces swelling around the nerve
  • Stimulates nerve function
  • Increases oxygen and blood directly to the nerve & surrounding soft tissues
  • Promotes faster wound healing
  • Has direct anti-inflammatory action causing decresed swelling in legs and feet
  • Reduces scar tissue development and can increase mobility and balance

The First Step:
Prior to beginning any treatment it will be necessary for you first to have an evaluation and possibly some pretreatment testing such as blood testing, epidermal nerve fiber biopsy or nerve conduction/EMG study. As with most physician visits there will be paperwork and forms for you to review and complete to provide us with the best possible information for developing an appropriate treatment plan for you. Prior to starting treatment any laboratory or other reports will be reviewed with you to provide you with the results and to explain these results in terms that you can easily understand. Your treatment options will then be reviewed with you and you will be given time to consider your treatment options and for you to decide if you desire to proceed with any form of treatment. Prior to starting any treatment, the treatment program will be completely reviewed with you including establishing reasonable/realistic goals, discussing potential risks and complications associated with the selected treatment program for you as well as giving you a time estimation of how long you should expect your individual treatment program to require. Appropriate financial considerations will also be discussed with you prior to starting any treatment.

Electronic Signal Therapy (EST):
EST requires a substantial time commitment on both your part and our part to give you the best possible chance of successfully treating your condition. You should expect that you will need to be seen at this office twice weekly for a minimum of 4 weeks and possibly for greater than 8 weeks depending on your particular individual condition/pain intensity. Treatment time for each visit is roughly 30 minutes and at each treatment session you should expect that follow-up evaluation will be done to document your progress. Individuals that have deficiencies of vital/essential nutrients may require the use of supplements such as vitamin B-12 and others to optimize individual treatment.

Our Commitment:
Dr. Solon and his staff are totally committed to you with the goal of providing you the very best care possible in a safe and friendly environment. We cannot guarantee or assure you of any result, but we can assure you that we will do all that we reasonably can to exceed your expectations while working with you to provide you with the best opportunity for relief of your pain and other symptoms.

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